Liminal Music Inc. is a not-for-profit organization for managing and producing the artistic work of Sarah Weaver. The work includes compositions, concerts, recordings, publications, and education workshops by Sarah Weaver and collaborating artists. 

Board of Directors:
Justin Foster, Esq. - President 
Nicole M. Young, M.F.A. Theater Management, M.A. English - Secretary/Treasurer
Sarah Weaver - Artistic Director/Executive Director 

"I'm excited about the innovative projects that Liminal Music has been involved with in the past and I'm looking forward to supporting even more ground breaking projects in the future." - Justin Foster, President, Liminal Music Inc.

"Liminal Music is making an exceptional contribution to the field of music. I am very excited and honored to support Sarah Weaver's work and that of this organization." - Nicole Young, Secretary/Treasurer, Liminal Music Inc.