Private Lessons


Synchrony Music Studio (SMS) is the private lessons program of Liminal Music Inc. designed by Sarah Weaver. Instrumental lessons are comprehensive including performance, improvisation, composition, listening, history, and theory. Instrumental concentration is typically acoustic piano, analog and electronic keyboards and synthesizers, and computer music. More instruments and voice specializations are offered upon request. Lessons with concentration in composition, improvisation, and computer music are available. Music from Weaver, musicians of the SLM Ensemble, and downtown New York City aesthetics are integrated into the pedagogy. A core approach with students in foundational training is focus on elements of music and sound as they apply to all genres and the individual creativity of the students. Advanced students focus on specialization within this spectrum and field training. 

Lessons are offered in-home in the New York City area and online internationally via Skype. Students are eligible for individual workshops with SLM Ensemble musicians. In addition to individual projects, students will have opportunities to work together with other students in small group projects. Student concerts are held every term in New York City. Lessons are open to all ages and ability levels.

Contact Liminal Music Inc. for more information and registration.